By cumisterrible 2 years:

Even after hours of hot evil cheating, Daddy never forgets to buttfuck my pretty face … sending me home with our fuckfest all over my lips XOXO LWcravesDB

By anonymous:
God Dearest … my evil cunt wants to eat your sexy demon babies … 
By anonymous:
Fuck Daddy … I promise the fucking loser will beg me to keep it … right before I make him pay to kill it XOXO
By anonymous:
I so wanna try this ????????????
By anonymous:
Bg you have a lot to learn, we will do everything you’ve ever wanted to try
By anonymous:
Black and white and more white.  (sunday reblog)
By anonymous:
Black and white and more white.
By anonymous:
By anonymous:
Buttfucked until she shakes.
By anonymous:
Mmmmmm my Evil Fuck Daddy always knows what his nastiest ass slut wants for Christmas …  If only you know who wasn’t around during the holidays … 
By anonymous:
My sexy handsome Fuck Daddy is always getting between me and my stupid dumb-blonde sister … .
By anonymous:
Couldn’t get better than that ????
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