By 70c10guy 2 years:

This is the best position to really enjoy getting your tongue into her pussy and really enjoying a good licking/sucking of her clit 

By anonymous:
It sure is :)
By anonymous:
Oh my fucking….
By anonymous:
I would love a man to work that hard to make me cum! 
By anonymous:
Like I said - since day 1 - I am a VERY lucky girl!!! My man ain’t satisfied until I squirt! And I have never squirted before in my life!
By anonymous:
… ::grin:: well.. feels to good to stop there… more more MORE!! mmmm baby
By anonymous:
Yes, yes and yes! Who wants to be eaten???
By anonymous:
Pre-cum is my favvvvvooooorite!
By anonymous:
The taking of Katie, part 374…what will happen to our plucky heroine this time??? (Hopefully the same as the last 373 times). —subkatie
By anonymous:
Rape is right.
By anonymous:
Lucky girl.
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