By drrrmilieu 18 days:

BuzzFeed actually releases a decent sociopolitical video and I hear is bitch, bitch, bitching, but then buzzfeed makes videos of employees drinking pee and these doorknobs are all over it lmao

By anonymous:
When u gotta shuck and jive to keep ya job
By anonymous:
That video was utter trash.
By anonymous:
*raises hand* what about me? I’m black and I don’t get why we’re the only ones allowed to say it. There. You’ve met your first black person to say it. 
By anonymous:
the video was stupid, the backlash was even more stupid
By anonymous:
lol it’s actually kinda refreshing to see one of these that isn’t directed at white people, even if it is stupid.
By anonymous:
Has anyone else felt the only black person on public transportation who understands the word excuse me and moves their ass the fuck out of the way?
By anonymous:
All of the videos are terrible, but I laugh at the turnaround people have on “x race has questions for x race” when no white people are to blame.
By anonymous:
Ya’ll could have stoped this buzzfeed cring train a long time ago but ya didn’t. Now you’re going to suffer with the rest of us.
Tags: #ebony #buzzfeed is trash #racism #buzzfeed #ice cube #nigga #culture #history
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