By texas8outlaw 3 months:

Really ?? Y'all just gonna ignore the black entertainment center clashing w the wo … Fuck it … THERES SEMEN ON YOUR HANDS !!!!!

By anonymous:
do you guys like this nail color?
By anonymous:
Is that lilac? Its beautiful
By anonymous:
I was thinking violet 
By anonymous:
Nah man violet is darker than that. Maybe lavender
By anonymous:
Probably is lavender. Gorgeous color! And your nail shape is fire hinny
By anonymous:
Thanks!!! They’re my natural nails (:
By anonymous:
Im more fond of pastel colors on nails.. these are lovely indeed tho
By anonymous:
It’s a smooth color. It’s works on you.
By anonymous:
hell yeah
By anonymous:
aight so since we all pretending not to see it imma just ask…how many inches is that tv?
By anonymous:
That is a dope color but what’s up with them bed sheets?
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