Girls covered in chocolate/whipped cream. Request filled.Source: Gelbooru.I am just… gonna go to the store… buy some whipped cream… and have fun in the streets.- Creator

By anonymous:
Perverts’ Imagination.  (I had to.) Edit: Fixed.. I am being spazzy tonight.
By anonymous:
I can never find anything like this.
By anonymous:
Oops hentai
Tags: #lesbian #tits #hentai #anime #manga #higurashi no naku koro ni #higurashi #higurashi no naku koro ni kira #animated gif - higurashi no naku koro ni kira #gif #mine #shion sonozaki #mion sonozaki #twins #boobs #breasts #ecchi #higurashikiragif #higurashigif #yuri #covered in chocolate #covered in whipped cream #nsfw #we do not encourage anyone at anytime to attack women in the streets with whipped cream #nor men for that matter #female solo #how did that get reblogged
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