By war-otaku 2 years:

[Image: art of Mirari from Cute Demon Crashers! Topless, she is smiling warmly at the viewer, flowers wrapped around one of her horns while other colorful flowers bloom behind her.]

By anonymous:
Dino being chased by a puppy
By anonymous:
I seriously think that if Azusa(Dialovers) and Utsuro(Jooubachi no Oubou) met, they will be good friends
By anonymous:
SPOILER NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS VS 10 GENIUS VOL. 02 OVA#4 it turns out this scene was from jackal’s imagination after yagyu told him marui and kite had been hanging out 
By anonymous:
I just watched this episode, I thought i was ready, I WAS NOT READY!
By anonymous:
NSFW Mirari :)
Tags: #tits #cartoon #lee chan #chan #dino #seventeen #pledis #sebeuntin #pledis seventeen #seventeen pledis #seventeentv #seventeen tv #mukami azusa #azusa #utsuro #jooubachi no oubou #diabolik lovers #my drawings #yumemukami #new prince of tennis #new prince tennis ova #genius #ova vs genius #marui bunta #kite #shin tenipuri #shinpuri #spoilers #shin tennis no oujisama #i dont normally rb things like this but its sooo pretty and i love mirari so much #cute demon crashers #mirari #nsfw #breasts #flowers
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