By i-superboy 1 year:

Nightwing and Cyclops #2 For this piece, I looked at double bass players for inspiration. :)) Edit: Edited Nightwings face a bit as I felt it was a bit long-ish. ^^;

By anonymous:
Nightwing from Batman x Cyclops from X Men
By anonymous:
Cyclops & Nightwing (Crossover!) drawn by Lazav/Szadeck Yup, my favorite crossover! xD
By anonymous:
By anonymous:
Nightwing and Cyclops #2 For this piece, I looked at double bass players for inspiration. :))
By anonymous:
Nightwing Yaoi XXX
By anonymous:
Holy shit! Someone actually made bara Hentai of Matrix from Reboot?
By anonymous:
???? Gay Comic-Con Tribute…Part II…????
By anonymous:
Love Superhero Gay porn!!!!
By anonymous:
Cyclops showing Nightwing how X-Men help each other relax after a long hard day
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