By ebonysluthb 11 months:

Damn that’s why white men are taking all our black women, cause they have big white cocks that is black man can’t measure up to.

By anonymous:
Making your wifes lives matter
By anonymous:
I am beginning to believe that White men have the biggest Cocks
By anonymous:
Punished by my God.
By anonymous:
nnnghhh being devoured by titty-crazed daddy makes lola feel so good mooooo
By anonymous:
Black tits:  The favorite cum-targets of white guys everywhere …
By anonymous:
This. This is everything.
By anonymous:
let me suck you on top while your’ being fucked, i will swallow both cums, yum yum yum
By anonymous:
【In Paris 183,17。人在巴黎,欢迎交流。Wechat: Blowjob_Ons】
By anonymous:
【In Paris 在巴黎,轻度S,口交痴迷,非近勿扰,磨叽勿扰,谢谢。Wechat: Blowjob_Ons】
By anonymous:
I’d turn around and fuck her like an animal
By anonymous:
Just getting him ready to fuck me like an animal.
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