By bmwtazzz 1 year:

Life tip number 1.. find the right man who will treat you the best and you will have no issue serving as he wants!  i have and i am so happy with my life!

By anonymous:
Wanna be mine? Contact me!
By anonymous:
Not Him, Them……
By anonymous:
All women need this….
By anonymous:
I love this. He takes care of me like a princess and I get to serve him
By anonymous:
Simplify His life and He will take care of you.
By anonymous:
Obey his every order, become whoever he wants you to be. Your only purpose is to make his life as easy as possible.
By anonymous:
If these aren’t your life goals as a woman you’re lying
By anonymous:
Not necessarily lying. Just doing it wrong and dooming yourself to a lifetime of loneliness and failure.
By anonymous:
The dream.
By anonymous:
Thank you! It feels so good to dream of being that happy
By anonymous:
Why the fuck is there a washing machine in the kitchen? That doesn’t make any sense.
By anonymous:
Life tip number 1: Find the right Man who will treat you the best and you will have no issue serving as He wants!  I have and I am so happy with my life!
By anonymous:
You’re mine, pet. In every way.
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