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  • Wish my daddy was here so he could teach his slutty son not to be a brat and always wanting cock ...

  • Furry femboys in bondage getting covered in cum for asurawolf1

  • Some yiff gifs x3~♡♡♡ enjoy

  • M/M Group for anon. If I got the wrong idea whoever requested, tell me.

  • This has got to be one of my favorite comics ever (=‘3′=)

  • Feraligatr as requested!

  • Lucario <3

  • Posted this kinda late last night - reblogging for the day crowd!

  • Oh fuck! It’s so awesome! The way he cums and…. oh damn it…wow????????????

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  • The Hunter hunts its prey

  • Lucario Porn!  ☆ Enjoy! ☆

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  • Art by Kivwolf as requested!

  • Mmm this happened whit my bro :3

  • S is for Showers. <3

  • If judging by the clock, this is some hot morning sex ;P

  • Double Knotting Request

  • You can see the cock in his throat :o

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  • Getting the second bull ready for your boyfriend’s ass while the first one finishes breeding him ...

  • Porn comic. Wee.

  • sissy furry comic fun

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