Tmw you don’t ship this but this pic is just really good Anime/Manga : My Hero Academia

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  • Thanx so much for the translation!  I wanted to know what it said. Kiri being so sweet. And Bakug...

  • Is this what love feels like? Because this makes my chest hurt in the best of ways.

  • a bunch of text post edits ★★

  • Iida is cluless and Todoroki is in de spair Also Midoriya is the best wingman

  • BNHA Medieval AU

  • bnha doodles I love erasermic and I love Iida and want him to be very loved 

  • Uraraka’s Behind-the-Scenes Prostitution by Itou Eight

  • Testing Manga Studio, it’s cool with the lines. Anyway Boku no Hero’s girls. Ain’t gonna spam you...

  • y'ain’t wrong; it is us but more gay. just gayly yelling at each other and crying tbh :V

  • Inktober Day 1: Swift (I took the lazy way out but @ Horikoshi, damn bitch? You live like this?)

  • Bakugou’s halloween costume 

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  • Dabi print for Närcon! Right now I’m having a raffle on instagram, where i give away this and my ...

  • Tasty Frog Buns!

  • Band shirts! Mic is Gorillaz bc ofc he’d love Gorillaz and Aizawa would love Sleep Dealer bc it’s...

  • Nightmight angst Bc I love to suffer

  • Froppy =^=

  • ¤ We keep hurting each other… When we love each other so much. ¤

  • This concept was actually kind of difficult…

  • more bodyswap

  • Praise the frog !! i want see the waifu frog in the anime 

  • Tokoyami Pencil sketch

  • Tokoyami the crow 

  • Another frog

  • Oppai paradise~

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